Zombie Defense is a fun game that involves setting up barriers, explosives, and the four survivors you have. You can set up these things however you want, however, if you block the way to the survivors the zombies will just break the barriers down. There are many places you can choose to defend yourself at, just scroll around on the map to see the different areas. The zombies will only come through one entrance to you, but can split up if you have different routes for them to take. After you complete a wave of zombies, you will be able to search the city finding new guns sometimes and explosives. The times you don’t find any guns you will just find explosives.

The four survivors include a Zed a Texas cowboy that has excellent accuracy with weapons like the .270 hunting rifle, Candi a pretty girl, Toby, and Oma the deadliest survivor of them. These four survivors are all in Texas and have [1]survived onslaught. How many more days can they survive the zombie attacks?

There are five guns for you find from searching after defeating a wave of zombies. These guns are .357 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun, .270 hunting rifle, AR-5 assault rifle, glock. Your four survivors start out with a pistol. There is only one bomb you can find, but for it to detonate you have to touch the bomb whenever you want it to detonate. There are ten maps that you can choose from to defend yourself at, but be warned the more you stay at the same place the more zombies will came each round.