Zombie mod 1

Base Builder Zombie Mod

Half-Life Edit

1. BiohazardEdit

A Counter Strike Zombie Mod. Games go like this:

1.A few seconds after the game starts, a random player will turn into a zombie. 2.Every other person who is hit by the zombie will become a zombie. 3.Continues until only zombies are left, or zombies are all killed by humans.

Humans often gather in places that are hard to reach, or build human towers to get on top of large boxes. Zombies are granted extra health and greater speed.

2. Zombie Panic

It is the sequel to the Half-Life modification Zombie Panic!

Grand Theft Auto Zombie ModsEdit

Grand Theft Auto 4Edit

In Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer you unlock the zombie mode by ether reaching level ten or unlocking the trophy Let Sleeping Rock stars Lie by killing a rock star.Also they're some games that the gamers has made up such as: Zombie vs us, Zombie story,and more.

Grand Theft Auto San AndreasEdit

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,players can make mods that change the characters(some of them) into Resident Evil characters like,Albert Wesker,Leon Kennedy,Ashley Graham,Jill Valentine.