ears ago in a small Mexican town, Vargas (Danny Trejo) uncovered a hidden Aztec temple deep in the nearby mine. Luring the townspeople in, he blew up the entrance, trapping those inside forever. In exchange for their sacrifice, Vargas received eternal life.

A college couple vacationing in Mexico comes across a small town, empty of people. After accidentally running into what appears to be a funeral precession, they uncover the deadly truth of the town's past. Every year on the Day of the Dead a human sacrifice is presented at the local church to appease the spirits of the town's original inhabitants. However, this year the couple interferes with their sacrifice. With nothing to appease the dead, they return to kill the transgressors.

Calling two of their friends for help, the four are left to fight off the growing hordes of the undead besieging their hotel, while trying to uncover the secrets hiding within the hotel's rooms.